Ageless Cream

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Ageless Cream

Made with the unique technology of BONOTOX, it is a reliable cream that can be used for an instant anti-wringkle effect without giving any skin irritation.

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An instant wringkle improvement effect

  1. Provides a wrinkle improvement effect by pulling the skin with a high-intensity fine layer generated on your skin surface.

  2. The artificial layer created on your skin surface physically pulls the wrinkle folds on your skin surface without being broken or cracked, thereby maintaining the lifting effect by stimulating the dermis and soft tissues of your skin.

  3. Shows an instant wrinkle enhancement effect in a safe way without irritating your skin by stably lowering the pH level.

  • Skin care with a moisturizing base allows your skin to breathe.
  • An instant tightening effect due to the quick absorption of the moisture formula.
  • Perfect control of the wringkle formation due to the prompt pulling effect.
  • The hydrating base provides moisturizeing, anti-wringkle, and whitening effect.